Avoid Bursting Pipes in the Cold Months

Kids may enjoy snow, but homeowners know how dangerous cold temperatures can be for their home’s pipes. When the temperature reaches below freezing, the water in pipes freezes and expands. Unprepared pipes can burst at any time and cause dirty water to go everywhere. A bursting pipe takes a tremendous amount of time and money to clean up, fix, and prevent from happening again. Be proactive and take measures to ensure that your pipes don’t burst.

Dealing with the Valves

There are many pipes that run to water supplies, some of which go to outside water sources like a hose. Plan ahead and start to take precautions before cold weather comes by turning off any valves for outdoor water lines. The valves are often located near where the water source connects outside. Once water lines to the outside are turned off, open the taps and let the water drain out. Turning off the house’s water supply and leaving the taps open can be helpful if you’ll be away from your home for a while.

Keeping Pipes Warm

There are several options for maintaining pipe’s warmth so as to avoid leaks. Fiberglass insulation can be wrapped on pipes inside of the house. Pipe sleeves can also be purchased for areas where it’s particularly cold. Another option, that is more expensive, is electrical heating tape. This sort of tape has proven to be very efficient, although it does cost more than the average pipe insulation. Purchase a reliable brand and wrap pipes on the inside and outside of your home with the tape.

Managing a Frozen Pipe

If it’s too late and you suspect that a pipe has frozen and is ready to burst, there are a few options that can warm the pipe without overheating it. A hairdryer put on medium setting can be beneficial. A small heater can even work. Anything that will heat the pipe up a bit in a natural, moderate way can work.

You don’t have to be a professional plumber in order to take steps to protect your home from nature. Keep one stead ahead of cold weather, snow and ice by draining the water out and insulating the pipes. If a burst is close, warm the pipe with a heater, rags or a hairdryer. The sooner you act, the safer your house will be.

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