Causes of Clogged Sewers

Every home’s sewers carry out essential functions. In addition to transporting dirty and contaminating waste, the plumbing and sewer systems make fresh, clean water available to your home. When problems arise in your plumbing, it costs money to hire a professional and clean up. It also causes stress if you don’t hire an experienced one. Avoid such disasters by knowing what can cause clogged sewers.

Trees and Plants

In certain areas where there are acres of trees, sewers can becomes blocked if limbs, branches or stumps fall. Since plants crave water naturally, they are attracted to sewers and can grow within the cracks, causing a rupture. Eliminating nearby trees and plants may not enough to fix the problem. It also is a question of the roots. A tree’s roots can span a great distance away from the actual tree. Consulting a professional can allow you to assess your land and sewers and consider possible blockages due to trees.


In urban areas, litter and trash can be a major problem. When it rains, downward moving water brings wrappers, cans, bags and other waste into the sewer system. Torrential downpours or a storm can aggravate the problem.

Bathroom Debris in Drains

For homeowners who have a large household, the multiple showers being taken, clothes being washed, and sinks being used all contribute to an increased chance for drains to clog. The oils from shampoo and lotions can be particularly dangerous and problematic for the overall plumbing system. Take the time on a regular basis to clean out drains that may become clogged by excess hair and materials.

Kitchen Materials

Various items can also clog the sinks in the kitchen. One example is coffee grounds, which easily clump together and can be corrosive. Grease or oil from cooking should never be poured down the drain, since it can congeal or clog the pipes and cause damage.

Taking preventive measures can be easy if you know what to look for and the possible causes of blockages. Be proactive and act before you hear the first signs of clogs, like those gurgling sounds that can come out of the toilet. If you suspect that you may have a problem, be sure to consult a professional so that you can quickly address the situation. One visit may be able to prevent more time-consuming and costly follow-ups. Stay informed and act ahead of time to keep your home and family safe.

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