Do It Yourself Faucet Repair – The Basics

When thinking about faucet repair in your home, there are some basic things you need to think about.

The first thing you have to do is determine what type of faucet you have.

The most recognizable faucet is the compression faucet. This faucet has a handle for hot and a handle for cold water. Each handle contains a valve that allows the water to flow when opened and closes to stop the flow.

Ball faucets are easy to identify. A ball faucet has one handle that attaches with a round base. The control ball controls the volume and the mix of cold and hot water.

A compression faucet can have a single handle or may have two handles. A cartridge that moves up and down in the stem controls the flow of water. A single handle cartridge faucet regulates water flow with an up and down movement; the temperature mix is controlled by a left to right movement. A double handle cartridge faucet looks much like a compression faucet but controls the water flow without having to turn the valves.

Disc faucets are some of the latest technology in faucets and use ceramic discs to control the water flow. They are single handle faucets.

All the faucets mentioned here are easy to repair by the homeowner without the help of a professional plumber. Once you have identified the type of faucet you have there are some pretty basic things you need to know:

  1. Shut Off the Water
    First, you should shut off the water to the faucet. This is usually done by finding the shut-off valve under the sink. If you cannot find the valve for that particular sink you can shut of the main water valve.
  2. Block the Drain
    Block the drain with a towel so that nothing falls down the drain while you are working.
  3. Drain Water from Pipes
    Before starting open the faucets and drain any water left in the pipes.
  4. Match Up the Replacement Parts
    Take any removed parts to your home improvement store to make sure you get the right replacement parts. You can even snap a picture of the faucet to get an exact match.

The repair and replacement of a faucet is an easy job if you follow the basic steps and the instructions that come with your replacement parts. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on a professional plumbing contractor for this simple repair.

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