How Does a Pressure Reducing Valve Help Your Home?

Most home owners do not see high water pressure as a problem. In fact, most home owners complain about not having enough water pressure in their homes. There is good reasoning behind installing a pressure reducing valve in your home, and savings is on the top of the list.


Home appliances are expensive, and for that investment, you want them to last as long as possible. If the water pressure in your home is too high, it can put unnecessary stress on your appliances, such as a dishwasher, water heater, or softener. Any appliance that uses the water line can have its life diminished by high water pressure.


Your fixtures suffer from unneeded wear and tear when you use a high water pressure setting. Of course, you do not want to stand under a trickling shower head, but you need to find the right balance between water pressure and budget.

The lifetime of your fixtures are extended with the installation of a water pressure reducing valve. You are also benefited with added water savings. Reducing your water usage is good for the planet, as well as your own wallet.

Supply Lines

Some local water companies are installing new supply lines that allow for a much higher water pressure. The difference is from 40 psi to 110 psi. This is a drastic difference, and that added water pressure coming into your home can cause serious problems for your supply lines to your homes appliances and fixtures.

The added pressure build-up can cause washing machine and dishwashing machine hoses to burst, as well as cause breakage and destruction to already aging pipes in your home.

By installing a water pressure reducing valve in your home, you are prepared for any changes the local water company provides with their supply lines. There is no worry that one day you will turn on the washing machine and have that rubber hose burst and flood your home.

If you are unsure what your water pressure setting is, or of it is the right setting or not, contact a licensed plumber to check. The house call is minimal, and well worth the investment. If you do not want to make a special call, the next time you have a plumber out for a leaking faucet; ask them to check and adjust your water pressure setting for you.

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