How to Handle Your Clogged Drain

For many homeowners a clogged drain is something of a common occurrence. With hair in the shower drain, sludge or food particles in the kitchen and even faulty pipes, slow drain or backed up drains are nothing new and many homeowners can deal with them on their own.

For the common clogged drain due to hair, food, sludge or other debris the solution is often simple. With the right tools in hand and some elbow grease and determination many times you can unclog the drain without the need for a plumber. In many cases you can use drain cleaners to pour into the drain and release the debris or the use of a plunger will do the trick. In many cases you may need a plumbers snake to get further into the drain and locate the clog and if that doesn’t work a wrench to take the pipe apart at the source of the clog might be necessary.

Many times the source of the clog is not from debris, food particles, sludge or hair. If your pipes are damaged, rusted or corroded there could be pieces of the pipe creating the drain to become clogged. If you try to unclog the drain or use drain cleaning techniques that use any kind of force you could end up damaging the pipe further and creating a much larger expense, as well as a need for an emergency plumber.

There are also times where the source of the clog is related to the location of a tree, where roots have grown into the pipes. In situations where you cannot easily locate the source of the clog you will need to hire a professional plumber. An experienced plumber will have the necessary tools to locate the source of the clog without causing any further damage to the pipes. Cameras, probes and specialized locators will be used to help the plumber to better understand the problem and its cause.

If your pipes are damaged the plumber will give you a written estimate on the cost of the drain repair and drain cleaning before any work is completed. Many times you will have to pay a diagnosis fee for the plumber to come out and use his high tech equipment to locate your problem, but even if you are planning on doing the work yourself this is an expense that is well worth it.

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