How to Install a New Toilet for Bathroom Beginners

It’s a great feeling when you decide to renovate and change out old appliances with new, more modern ones. Dealing with toilets can seem too challenging for those with no plumbing experience. However, by reading these pointers and steps the messy task of changing out toilets can be easy and cost-effective for everyone.

Gather the Needed Materials

In addition to a new toilet, you’ll also need a few other tools and supplies. A new wax gasket will be needed to lay down on the floor before you put the new toilet in. The type of wax gasket you’ll need depends on the type of house you have. Most homes require a wax gasket that does not have a plastic insert. If you are renovating an older home, however, you may find that a wax gasket with a plastic insert provides a better, safer connection to the water supply. In addition, caulk will be used to secure the toilet to the floor, so have a tube that works with porcelain or the toilet’s material. A screwdriver, toilet putty, and toilet shims should be purchased too.

  1. Using the caulk, line the bottom of the toilet. Put the caulk on so that it is uniformly distributed. Otherwise, you can have a rocky toilet.
  2. Remove the rag that is blocking the drain pipe.
  3. Gently push the new toilet onto the floor. Make sure that it is lined up with the hole before you push it down. You may need several people to help hold it up.
  4. Using the screwdriver, tighten the bolts and caps carefully.
  5. Line the inside of the caps with putty and put them over the bolts.
  6. With the plastic toilet shim, level out the toilet if it seems off-center.
  7. To get the tank ready, put the bolts through the bottom.
  8. Size up the tank to go over the bowl.
  9. Place the tank in place, being careful to slowly lower it.
  10. Use the screwdriver to secure the tank to the bowl with the nuts and screws.
  11. Make sure that the tank is level and put the lid on it. You do not use caulk or putty here. The lid must come be able to come off.
  12. Between the fill valve and the shut-off valve, the water supply line connects. Attach the line here.
  13. Now you’ll be able to turn the shut-off valve to off so that water is supplied. Tighten the compression bolt, and then turn the valve off.
  14. Line the bottom of the toilet with caulk and smooth it out with your finger or a wedge.

Rather than taking the time to hire someone, do a home repair job yourself. These steps make installing a new toilet easy and affordable, giving you more time to do the things you want.

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