Repairing a Cartridge Faucet

Cartridge faucets are the most common type of faucets that you’ll find in homes. Water flow is regulated by the up and down movement and the temperature is regulated by the movement from left to right. If your faucet has two handles you either have a cartridge faucet or a ceramic disc faucet. You can tell which one you have by feel of the up and down motion that is prevalent when you turn the handle on the cartridge faucet.

Can I Fix It Myself?

Most do-it-yourselfers can fix this type of faucet themselves with the right tools and parts. Most parts and kits are readily available at hardware stores, home centers or plumbing supply stores. To assure that your get the right parts take the faucet parts that need replacement with you to make sure you get a match. If you know the model and manufacturer that will certainly help identify the right parts. A kit will have all the replacement parts you may need.

The Steps to Follow:

  1. Clean out the cabinet under the sink and block the drain
  2. Turn off the water supply at the valve under the sink
  3. Remove the faucet handle by prying off the cap to expose the set screw
  4. Remove the screw and lift the handle off the body of the faucet
  5. Remove the retaining nut with a pair of adjustable pliers
  6. Lift the spout to remove it
  7. If there is retaining clip on the unit remove it
  8. Remove the O-ring
  9. Remove the cartridge by pulling it straight up (examine for damage)
  10. Follow the instructions on your kit or parts for replacing the parts
  11. Once the faucet is reassembled slowly turn the valve under the sink so that all the air leaves the system
  12. Once the water is flowing without sputtering check for leaks
  13. Test the handles for proper operation and you are done

As you can see fixing this type of faucet is easy. Be sure that you have the right tools and follow the manufactures directions on the kit that you bought. Doing this repair yourself can save you money and time and give you the satisfaction of doing it yourself.

If you are not sure about what you are doing don’t attempt it without the help of someone who has done it before. Let them stand by and show you how to do your first one.

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